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Words from the owners
Rob says, "What makes ScareCrow Creations unique is that we understand the special needs of non-profits. We can help you figure out which web site features are essential to marketing your mission and serving your members, and which are expensive frills. We give you effective tools at prices you can afford." read more

Why AOL drives web designers crazy!
For reasons known only to AOL, the mega-gateway's browser does not respond to many normal programming instructions. The result is windows that return to the wrong size automatically, old pages that are displayed instead of up-to-date ones, and simple Javascript commands that don't work. Many designers don't even try to accomodate AOL, leaving users to see malfunctioning web pages. read more
High quality web design budgeted for the non-profit community and government agencies

We design dynamic websites where you yourself can change the content day by day or minute by minute. Free yourself from the lost time and expense of paying your webdesigner for every little change on your site. Once we're set up your site, you can edit text, insert photos, or upload new articles to your site without any programming knowledge. Would you like to publish an online newsletter where you update the content through simple web-based forms? Would you like your site's visitors to contribute to your site's collection of success stories, resources or references with no work by you? Would you like to create an online community through a user-friendly forum? Let us craft you an affordable, dynamic website that you can update when you want, how you want!  read more

Non-profit institution building and staff training

If you're starting up a 501(c)(3) or other non-profit, we can lead you through the application process. We can help you create a budget, develop policies and procedures to guide the institution, and develop mission statements. We can help you build sound working relationships between boards, executive directors, and staff. We are experienced in faciliating meetings to reach effective outcomes.

We can develop training programs for trainers, staff and your organization's clients. We can work with existing curriculum or develop it for you. We can train on your issues, and we can train staff in professional skills, including public speaking, writing, and software programs like MS Word, Excel, PageMaker, and PhotoShop.

Project management and event planning

We are experienced in managing complex projects including planning and publication of books and reports. We can oversee purchase and/or construction of buildings or other facilities. Let us use our experience in contracting and managing graphic designers, copywriters, architects, and contractors to help you fulfill your institution's needs.

Writing and editing of publications

We can write technical or popular publications following your guidelines. We have experience in writing government reports, books, and articles for technical journals and popular magazines. We can take your rough draft or unfinished project and polish it to perfection. Past clients include the Smithsonian Institution, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the Association of State and Territorial Public Health Nutrition Directors.

Grant writing

We have written grants that have brought in more than 1 million dollars. We can quickly gather the information needed to write a convincing grant, and we know how to work with foundation and government agency staff to make sure your grant has the best chance of getting funded.


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